Incident of Ragging at CET, IILM Greater NOIDA (27 Aug 10 )

1. In spite of mandatory submission of affidavits by all students and their parents at the time of admission as stipulated in UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging dt 17 June 2009 para 6(e), AICTE Handbook, January 2010 (para 3.4 of Appendix-10), there was an incident of ragging reported on 28 August 2010 (telephonically) and on 28 September 10 in writing by mother of Mr Sarthak Chaudhary (a student of I Year B-Tech (CS)). The incident occurred on 27 August 2010 involving Mr Sarthak Chaudhary and Mr Anurag Pandey (a student of III Year of B-Pharma (COP)) near Bio-Technology Department close to main gate of the college at about 1700 hours.

2. The incident was investigated by a high level committee and Mr Anurag Pandey of COP was found blame worthy. The following punishments were awarded to him for indulging into hot words and using abusive language and treating his junior with rudeness:-

(a) Mr Anurag Pandey was initially suspended from college w.e.f. 23 October 2010 till further orders. The suspension was extended up to 03 December 2010.

(b) Debarring him from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, Training & Placement camps etc.

(c) Withholding his results (Internal & External) for a period of 3 months.

3. This was the first case of ragging at CET IILM AHL Greater NOIDA and necessary information was sent to UPTU, Dist Magistrate and SHO, Local Police Station.